Video examples of eye tracking

You can watch some of our eye tracking videos by clicking here to view a range of eye tracking video examples.

These samples are real examples of the data created in eye tracking sessions. In some of them you will see a cross hair which highlights the respondents' point of gaze (what they are looking at).

As well as video output we can provide a range of visualisation reports including:

  • heat maps
  • percentage maps
  • raw Area Of Interest data (AOI).
  • bee swarm videos

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Eye tracking examples of raw data

Video 1 - Shopper Behaviour

eye tracking a shopper in store

In this video the shopper is looking for a snack for their lunch, when they were recruited at the store entrance they told the recruiter that they knew exactly what they were going to buy. The eye tracking footage tells another story, see how they scan the shelves for inspiration.  

Video 2 - app testing  on an ipad

Tablet and App testing

App testing is becoming quite possibly the most important aspect of digital usability. The systems we use enable us to test in real world situations on both tablet computers and smart phones, whether it be sitting on the train on the way into work or enjoying an evening in front of the TV checking emails on a smart phone. 

Video 3 - website testing


With websites, apps and other digital content, impact is not the issue – but usability is.  If your content isn’t easy to navigate, your target customers will take seconds to switch to another that is. In fact 67% of users claim they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed site, making testing a vital tool for all. Eye tracking can really help you "see through the respondents eyes" gaining insights that are not achievable in any other way. 

Video 4 bee swarm

Mangold beeswarm example

To help visualise respondents' eye tracking data we can produce bee swarm videos where the eye tracking data from multiple respondents is superimposed over the creative to produce a "bee swarm" effect,  helping  to understand what the overall  gaze movements mean. 

Video 5 Driver testing  


Driver attention testing in a live situation

Video 6 Web site testing on an Ipad

iPad Asda


Video 7  shopping for shoes 

Shopping for shoes

Services we offer

Services we offer

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Case studies

Case studies

eye tracking is an adaptable research tool, that may be used in many ways to monitor the human eye and to track exactly what is being looked at, and for how long. View our case studies for a brief insight into the power of this technology and its uses on varied applications.