What is fixed eye tracking?

Fixed eye tracking, also known as static or screen based eye tracking, is a system that monitors a respondent's eye movements as they sit in front of a computer monitor or stand in front of a "life size" projected image.
Our solution, the eyescreen, is a portable, lightweight system that can be used anywhere a screen can be set up.  We’ve used halls, hotels and coffee bars, as well as offices, throughout the UK and abroad.

eyescreen is ideal for cost-effectively tracking what people actually look at (as opposed to what they claim they look at) when viewing advertising, direct mail, packaging and website pages.

Ideal for research on:
  • Advertisements including TV, print and OOH
  • Direct mail
  • Pack and on shelf pack testing
  • Web usability

We do not offer web based eye tracking i.e. where the eye tracking is conducted on the respondents own computer. While these types of services sound appealing we have found  there is nowhere near the level of accuracy required from a webcam to collect accurate and therefore meaningful data. 

Services we offer

Services we offer

Fixed Eyetracking

Mobile Eyetracking

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Case studies

Case studies

eye tracking is an adaptable research tool, that may be used in many ways to monitor the human eye and to track exactly what is being looked at, and for how long. View our case studies for a brief insight into the power of this technology and its uses on varied applications.