Drawing on a theoretical knowledge of visual attention and perception, coupled with both practical eye tracking and advertising research expertise, we can help you understand how impactful your communications are, which aspects of each of your communications attract most (and least) attention and how they are ‘read’. The insights we provide will help you decide which ads to run and how best to maximise their impact.

Advertisers are now dealing with a generation that always has a smartphone at arm's length and flips from a big TV set to a smaller tablet screen and back again at a moment's notice. Given this competition for their attention, you have to work hard to stand out. This is true for all traditional and online media including TV commercials, programme sponsorship, pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, pop ups, banners and marketing embedded in TV programming.

Eye tracking, when conducted either solus or as part of an ethnographic research study, can help advertisers understand what attracts the attention of both digital natives and digital immigrants on their TV, tablet and smartphone screens and how best to maximise the attention given to any advertising being communicated via those screens. The insights gained will impact both media and creative planning.

eyetracker’s mobile eye tracking technology allows you to measure the attention paid to different outdoor ads, both static and digital, in the out of home real world environment, while the eyescreen can be used to understand how best to maximise their impact while still in the development phase.

The same is true for print advertising. The combination of qualitative research and the eyescreen allows you to understand how eye-catching each ad is, which elements gain most attention (in what order) and why and hence how to optimise the effectiveness of each execution. Then once it appears in the real world, the mobile eye can track real reader behaviour, allowing you to understand how the communications are being ‘read’ within the context of the chosen medium.

Stand alone or fully integrated

Our services can be provided as an individual study or easily integrated into other market research to complement the work and provide a greater degree of understanding