Shopper Studies


Live Shopper Studies

Our new generation of mobile eye tracking technology means marketers can now see through their customers’ eyes.

Capturing eye movement data, as shoppers navigate through or browse the aisles of a store, provides genuine insights, and gives marketers a dynamic understanding of what really attracts consumers.

Live shopper studies utilise our state of the art mobile eye tracker system which is an extremely accurate and unobtrusive piece of equipment. Customers conduct their shopping in-store, without the presence of a facilitator, which enables natural behaviour within authentic environments and yields meaningful results.

Our mobile eye tracking technology provides unparalleled insights into:

  • The shopper’s journey and how shoppers navigate their path to purchase
  • The effectiveness of signage and navigation aids
  • Their decision making process
  • Physiological levels of engagement and interest
  • Point of purchase and point of sale behaviour

The data generated from live shopper studies is being used to understand shopper behaviour and to enhance both primary and secondary packaging. Helping marketers maximise their brand’s visual equity.

To fully appreciate the power of eye tracking have a look at the video below: 

Reasons for using eye tracking

Stand alone or fully integrated

Our services can be provided as an individual study or easily integrated into other market research to complement the work and provide a greater degree of understanding.