What Is Mobile Eye Tracking

What Is Mobile Eye Tracking?

Mobile eye tracking enables us to track both the conscious and unconscious eye movements of a respondent in just about any "real world" situation.

The MobileEye is our real world eye tracking solution which has been successfully used in a whole range of different environments from "live" in store shopper behaviour studies, OOH research projects for IBM in BA's T5, all the way through to live newspaper reading projects for News International.

The eye tracking technology is incorporated into a pair of lightweight, inconspicuous glasses, that allow completely natural behaviour in any situation. This, combined with high quality precision calibration technology, ensures greater accuracy and hence greater usefulness when compared to any other system on the market.

The MobileEye is ideal for use in any "real world" scenario including

  • Shopper studies
  • Ad testing including TV, print and OOH
  • Pack and shelf testing
  • Mobile device testing, including smart phones and tablet computers

Why Use Eye Tracking

In any given day we can be subjected to 34GB* of visual information. However, the brain is only capable of processing 5-10% of those 34GB's.
As a marketer it is important to be able to understand if your message or product is part of this very small percentage.
Conventional self reporting methodologies all rely on a respondent reporting what they thought they saw. However, even seconds after completing a task, it is our experience that most respondents are unable to recall exactly what attracted their attention. Often what they say they looked at and what they actually looked at are two very different stories.
Eye tracking is the only way to be able to see exactly what it was they looked at allowing you to access the "window of consumer cognition".

*Source University Of California